July 30, 2015

Dining Room Inspiration

When we moved from San Francisco to Las Vegas I wanted to completely redecorate. I feel like I've been decorating for the past year. I had originally wanted a salvaged wood dining room table in a gray washed finish. I had custom ordered one from a wood-shop in Michigan. Unfortunately after waiting for 4 months, they informed me they couldn't get the top and the bottom of the table to match, so I was back to square one. After a few months of searching I found a gorgeous Carrara marble top table from Restoration Hardware. I'm still awaiting it's arrival, scheduled for early September. In the mean time here are some inspiration pictures from Pinterest I'm loving.
This is the table I ended up ordering from Restoration Hardware
Love the gold frames behind the table 

I'm loving the look of a Hutch, but still have not found the perfect one. Would love to hear any suggestions you may have?

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July 28, 2015

What to wear for an engagement photo shoot

Engagement shoots can be overwhelming when deciding what to wear.  Luckily, my photographer gave me some great tips and advice so I thought I’d share them with you.

What I wore:
A lot of the decisions will be based on personal preference.  I wanted my engagement shoot to be on the dressier side and so I chose to wear dresses for all of my pictures. I had 4 outfit changes throughout.

What I picked for my husband to wear:
I was fortunate that my husband is very accommodating when it comes to these photo shoots and willing to wear whatever I recommend.  The most important consideration for an engagement shoot to have outfits that “match."  We went shopping and picked out colors and clothes with the proper tones to match my outfits for the engagement shoot.  

Few important tips:
  • Pick fitted items at a minimum; if possible, have the items tailored so they fit well. Loose baggy clothing will look sloppy, especially on camera.
  • Make sure your outfit and your fiancĂ© outfits don’t clash or conversely, are not so similar in color that they blend into each other making one big blob.
My engagement shoot ended up being at 3 locations: 
1.     A secluded trail in Malibu Hills
2.    Greystone mansion in Beverly Hills
3.    Zuma Beach in Malibu

 For the Malibu Hills shoot I had two outfits, the first more casual and the second more formal. 
On Me Dress: Old (Similar) Belt: H&M (Similar) Shoes: Christian Louboutin Old (Similar) Watch: Rolex (Similar) Bracelet: Hermes (Similar, Similar under $50
On My Husband Shirt: Old (Similar) Jeans: Diesel Old (Similar) Shoes: Cole Haan (Similar
On My Husband Shirt: Nordstrom (Similar) Suit: Nordstrom (Similar) Tie: Tom Ford Shoes: Gucci (Similar
Graystone Mansion in Beverly Hills is such a gorgeous place. I had originally wanted my wedding here, but they had too many restrictions (including that you have to be out by 10PM -- what kind of celebration would that be?!) so ultimately I decided to have my wedding elsewhere (more on that in a future post).

On Me Dress: Jovani old (Similar, also love this one) Shoes: Christian Louboutin (Similar under $100 & also love these) Bracelets: Hermes (Similar, Similar under $50
On My Husband Shirt: Nordstrom (Similar) Suit: Nordstrom (Similar) Tie: Hermes (Similar) Shoes: Gucci Old (Similar
On Me Dress: Jill Sander currently on sale (SimilarSimilar under $70) 
On My Husband Shirt: Nordstrom (Similar) Pants: Macy's old (Similar & Similar under $40)  

Props: we didn’t really use any.  I know they’re really popular right now, but personally I felt they are a trendy thing to have and most likely a passing fad.  I would recommend trying to create very timeless, classic photos that you could look back on in 10-50 years as opposed to including a bunch of props that are popular today which you may want to photoshop out in the future.

Let me know if you would like more wedding related posts.  I chose not to get a wedding planner and did everything on my own because I wanted the details to be right. If you would like to hear more about my wedding experience or if you have any questions about engagement outfits, please let me know in the comments.

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July 24, 2015

36 Week Bump Update

Top: Zara old (SimilarSkirt: Forever 21 old (Similar) Shoes: Havaianas Purse: Chanel Jumbo (Similar) Sunglasses: Tom Ford 

How far along: 36 Weeks
Gender: Baby boy
Total weight gain: 25lbs
Maternity Clothes: Mostly, been living in these leggings and these tanks and of course maxi dresses.
Sleep: Not great, I’ve been having awful pelvic pain and cramping. My calves have been cramping a lot. Have any of you ladies experienced this?
Miss Anything:  Sushi, and weirdly deli meat. I’d love to have a turkey sandwich!
Cravings: Still craving fruit and it’s been super hot, so a lot of salads, juices and smoothies. I’ve been addicted to the trader joe’s cold pressed watermelon juice and have one at least once a day. They’re soo refreshing and only 160 calories.
Symptoms: pelvic pain, crazy fatigue. I’ve never felt so tired, I think it’s been worse then the fatigue I felt during the first trimester. I basically can’t function throughout the day without a nap.
Mood: I’ve been so tired. I finally got around to ordering all the baby stuff, who would I get so tired through out the day and can’t function without an afternoon nap.
Best Moment this week: At our ultrasound this week (I’ve been seeing the doctor weekly) we got to see our little boy, he’s 5lbs 7oz’s so far.
Looking forward to: My maternity photo-shoot and of course delivering. I’m honestly feeling huge and very much ready to get my body back and meet our little boy!
Exercise: Just walking daily, that’s about it. I’m looking forward to getting back to my workout routine!
On My Mind: I have an infant CPR class scheduled for next week. I’m really hoping to meet some mommy friends in LA, as I don’t know any and would love to share the experience with other mom’s as well as have a workout buddy after I deliver.

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