August 31, 2015

Crochet Everything!

I love  a good crochet top. This is actually a top I purchased a while back to wear as a cover-up with shorts but was able to wear it even at 8 months pregnant! They're flowly and sheer and highlight your bump perfectly, and can be worn even after pregnancy. It's one of my favorite pregnancy poolside looks. 

Top: Old (Similar, Similar and love this one for less then $20) Bottom: Maxi Skirt under $20 (Similar)  Swimsuit: Have Faith (Similar) Sunglasses: Tom Ford Shoes: YSL & Mystique 

August 26, 2015

First Week Baby Essentials

Being a first time mom, I wish someone had told me what basic products I would need the first week. I had gone through and purchased things on the numberous lists out there, but these are the things I find myself reaching for on a daily basis.

1. I didn't think I'd need a play mat till much later, but I've been using this one daily for tummy time, it's great because there are so many different toys on it and it is intellectually stimulating for the baby.
2. These swaddles are seriously a lifesaver, they're SOO easy to use and make swaddling a breeze.
3. A glass nail file is a must have, because babies have nails that are way too delicate to cut for the first few weeks, so you need to file down their nails.
4. This diaper pail has been amazing! No smell what so ever.
5. I had purchased a bunch of regular wet wipes, but later found out at the hospital that a babies skin is too delicate for any products for at least a month, so I've been using these dry wipes and just wetting them with water for diaper changes.
6. These are a lifesaver and make diaper changes soo much easier, I put them on the changing pad and just dispose of it after each diaper change.
7. I've been exclusively breastfeeding and I'm already on my second jar. I love this nipple cream because it's organic and all natural and safe for the baby to ingest.
8. Huggies are my favorite diapers so far. I've tried Pampers and Honest company diapers as well, but found the Huggies to be the most leak proof and the line that changes color is super useful.
9. These Swaddle blankets are hands down my favorite, I've been using them for everything, from swaddling to a cover on my carseat and stroller and even a burp cloth. They're soo soft and lightweight and well worth it. I've been reaching for these everyday!

Lastly, this has been my favorite purchase to far. This Cocoonababy from Red Castle. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find it in the US, but I ordered mine from Harrod's! They ship to the US, and although this was a little pricey, I've seriously been using this everyday. It makes it easier to put your baby in your bed, prevents flat head syndrome and helps to improve the quality of your babies sleep. My baby is only 7 days old and can already sleep through the night, although I'll wake him up to feed him.

Also would love to hear about any of your must have baby products?

August 24, 2015

Maternity Dress

I didn't buy a whole lot of maternity dresses while I was pregnant because I found most of them rather unflattering. However when I found this dress from Isabella Oliver, I was obsessed. It's one of the few maternity dresses I purchased and I got it in 3 colors! They're super comfy and stretchy and I was able to grow into it. The ruching is also super flattering! Below are a few of my favorite maternity dresses (at various price points) that you can dress up or down.

Dress: Isabella Oliver (Similar on sale! also love this one!) Bag: Hermes Birkin (Similar) Shoes: Christian Louboutin (Similar) Sunglasses: Tom Ford (Similar smaller cat eye)

August 21, 2015

Plaid Love

Throughout my pregnancy I found it very difficult to find cute maternity outfits. So I'd usually just buy non-maternity dresses in a size up and belt them. I especially loved this dress because I'll still be able to wear it after pregnancy and it transitions perfectly into fall!

Dress: Zara Sold out (Similar and love this one for $20!) Shoes: Saint Laurent (Similar at affordable price point) Belt: Hermes (Similar) Bracelet: Hermes (Similar) Bag: Hermes Birkin (Similar)

Have a great weekend!

August 17, 2015

Wedding Anniversary

This weekend I celebrated my wedding anniversary. Here's a little picture overload! 
On Me Wedding Dress: Vera Wang Gemma Shoes: Christian Louboutin Fifi Strass (Similar) Sash: Custom (Similar) Bracelet: Cartier Love Ring: Custom Earrings: Custom Diamond (Similar
Reception Dress: Custom Michael Costello (Similar and Love this one) Shoes: Christian Louboutin (Similar) Bracelet: Hermes 
On My Husband Shirt: Nordstrom (Similar)  Suit: Black by Vera Wang  Tie: Hermes (Similar) Shoes: Ferragamo (Similar)  Ring: David Yurman Black Diamond (Similar

August 14, 2015

Forever 21 Finds

Forever 21 has always been a hit or miss for me. My order this week was definitely a hit! There are so many pretty tops and dresses! I'm very impressed by the quality of their body suits. It reminds me of the much pricer bralettes and bodysuits from For love and lemons. The f21 version is a steal for less then $15! I Snagged the one in the top row as well the strappy black one in the 2nd row. The first one would look great with a sheer white blouse and the strappy black one would be so cute with high waisted pants.

They're also killing it in the maxi dress department. I ordered the white crochet maxi as well as the strappy one in the last row and love both! I also love the body con dress in the 3rd row. It fits amazing well and I will definitely be ordering it in more colors!

The sandals in the first row reminds me of the YSL Jane's and Stuart Weitzman's everyone has been wearing and I'm tempted to get the nude ones, especially at less then $30!

I'm also loving the midi rings and body chains, I lose jewelry so easily that I like getting inexpensive pieces that are disposable. With all my F21 jewelry, especially rings I also paint the inside with a coat of clear nail polish, so they don't turn my fingers green. I snagged most of these pieces and can't wait to wear them! (Can you tell I'm excited to be back in normal clothes?)

Have a great weekend!

August 12, 2015

38 Week Bump Update

Dress: Tart Old (Similar, and also love this one) Shoes: Mystique Purse: Chanel Jumbo (Similar) Sunglasses: Tom Ford 

How far along: 38 Weeks
Gender: Baby boy
Total weight gain: 27
Maternity Clothes: YES!!! Basically all I can fit in right now. Living in tanks, leggings and sandals. Still able to fit into some stretchy non-maternity maxi dresses, but I’m ready to pop!
Sleep: I’ve entered the I need to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes phase of pregnancy. The baby has officially dropped! (One step closer to labor) The heartburn has gone away, but now the baby feels like he’s constantly squeezing my bladder and I’m constantly running to the bathroom.
Miss Anything: Being skinny and fitting into my normal clothes. I’m very ready to “shop my own closet” once I get back into shape! Also miss eating oysters, sushi, and having as much coffee as I’d like.
Cravings: Not really, it’s been so hot in LA, I’ve been eating lighter, a lot of veggies, fruits and smoothies.
Symptoms: Tons of Braxton hicks, especially at night. My legs have been cramping like crazy and get really weak if I’m walking around for too long. I have to lay down a few times a day.
Mood: Excited and anxious! These last few weeks are feeling crazy long.
Best Moment this week: I went to a doctor’s appointment and I’m already 1cm dilated, so this boy is on his way!
Looking forward to: My next doctors appointment, hoping I’ll be even more dilated. I can’t wait to meet this little prince!
Exercise: Walking (shopping) and bouncing on this. I'm really hoping to have a natural birth without any kind of induction, so I've been eating spicy foods and doing lots of bouncing. Which are both supposed to help induce labor naturally. 

August 11, 2015

Basic Maternity Wear (Part 1)

I was very anti-maternity wear when I first got pregnant. I hated the notion of investing in items that I could only wear for such a short period of time. However when it got to the point where all my shirts were getting too short and all my jeans/leggings were getting too tight. I made the switch over to a few basics. Below are a few of my favorite maternity leggings at all price points!

1. Pea in a Pod - Great for if you need belly support! 
2. Splendid - These are hands down my FAVORITE, even though they're not maternity. I had a pair from before I was pregnant, and purchased 2 more pairs and have been wearing them non stop!
3. Old Navy - A steal! and they're super comfy, great for running errands. 
4. David Lerner - These are tight and fitted and can be worn like pants, they basically suck everything in 

August 10, 2015

Non-maternity Maternity Dress

Dress: Zara (Similar under $10 in 9 colors!) Shoes: Christian Louboutin (Similar) Purse: Chanel Jumbo (Similar) Sunglasses: Tom Ford (Similar for under $10)

This is one of my favorite non-maternity dresses that I've been wearing on repeat. It's the perfect midi length, really stretchy and flattering and best of all, it's a steal for $20! I have it in 3 different colors and it's soo easy to dress up with a pair of heels or wear casually with flats. I sized up from my usual of a XS/small to a medium so I could wear it throughout my pregnancy.

August 7, 2015

Favorite Summer Sandals

I love shoes, but I’ve always been more of a heels gal vs. a sandals/flats gal. Since getting pregnant though I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect sandals. It’s just not practical to run around in heels when you feel like you’re going to topple over. These are some of my favorite summer sandals I’ve collected in the last few months.

August 5, 2015

My Baby Shower

On me Dress: Alice & Olivia Sold Out (Similar) Belt: Hermes (Similar) Shoes: Christian Louboutin (Similar) Purse: Chanel WOC (Similar
On Jenara: Dress: Guess Shoes: YSL Jane (Similar

I am so excited to share my baby shower with you. I am so thankful for all the gifts our baby boy received and the amazing shower my best friend Jenara planned. She did an amazing job! It was a perfect afternoon, spending time celebrating my baby boy that I will cherish forever. 

Below are the vendor details. Have a great weekend!

Bartender: Allan Brown 
Florist: Ornamento
D├ęcor: Etsy 
Venue: Nema 


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