August 11, 2015

Basic Maternity Wear (Part 1)

I was very anti-maternity wear when I first got pregnant. I hated the notion of investing in items that I could only wear for such a short period of time. However when it got to the point where all my shirts were getting too short and all my jeans/leggings were getting too tight. I made the switch over to a few basics. Below are a few of my favorite maternity leggings at all price points!

1. Pea in a Pod - Great for if you need belly support! 
2. Splendid - These are hands down my FAVORITE, even though they're not maternity. I had a pair from before I was pregnant, and purchased 2 more pairs and have been wearing them non stop!
3. Old Navy - A steal! and they're super comfy, great for running errands. 
4. David Lerner - These are tight and fitted and can be worn like pants, they basically suck everything in 

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