August 26, 2015

First Week Baby Essentials

Being a first time mom, I wish someone had told me what basic products I would need the first week. I had gone through and purchased things on the numberous lists out there, but these are the things I find myself reaching for on a daily basis.

1. I didn't think I'd need a play mat till much later, but I've been using this one daily for tummy time, it's great because there are so many different toys on it and it is intellectually stimulating for the baby.
2. These swaddles are seriously a lifesaver, they're SOO easy to use and make swaddling a breeze.
3. A glass nail file is a must have, because babies have nails that are way too delicate to cut for the first few weeks, so you need to file down their nails.
4. This diaper pail has been amazing! No smell what so ever.
5. I had purchased a bunch of regular wet wipes, but later found out at the hospital that a babies skin is too delicate for any products for at least a month, so I've been using these dry wipes and just wetting them with water for diaper changes.
6. These are a lifesaver and make diaper changes soo much easier, I put them on the changing pad and just dispose of it after each diaper change.
7. I've been exclusively breastfeeding and I'm already on my second jar. I love this nipple cream because it's organic and all natural and safe for the baby to ingest.
8. Huggies are my favorite diapers so far. I've tried Pampers and Honest company diapers as well, but found the Huggies to be the most leak proof and the line that changes color is super useful.
9. These Swaddle blankets are hands down my favorite, I've been using them for everything, from swaddling to a cover on my carseat and stroller and even a burp cloth. They're soo soft and lightweight and well worth it. I've been reaching for these everyday!

Lastly, this has been my favorite purchase to far. This Cocoonababy from Red Castle. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find it in the US, but I ordered mine from Harrod's! They ship to the US, and although this was a little pricey, I've seriously been using this everyday. It makes it easier to put your baby in your bed, prevents flat head syndrome and helps to improve the quality of your babies sleep. My baby is only 7 days old and can already sleep through the night, although I'll wake him up to feed him.

Also would love to hear about any of your must have baby products?


  1. We used the leecho podster, def going to check out the cocoonababy for our #2 in the future. Other just haves for Ked and I were: 1) ktan wrap 2) kinderglo nightlight (it's mobile and perfect for night time feeding and changing) and 3) a mirror low to the ground so he can see himself during tummy time.

    1. Ohh thanks for the tips, I will def need to check these things out. Esp the nightlight, I've been keeping the light on at night and it's so difficult to fall asleep after



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