October 9, 2015

6 Week baby update

Being held
Starring at lights
Sleeping on his tummy
Bath time

Tummy time

Sorry I’ve been so behind on my blog posts, but it seems like every time I pick up my laptop my little one cries to be held. He definitely requires a lot of attention.

The first few weeks were definitely pretty rough, from the sleep deprivation to recovering and breastfeeding. The little one was pretty nocturnal the first few weeks, but is finally sleeping better through the night.  I felt like a zombie the first few weeks, on top of that I developed mastitis the 2nd week in, which made breastfeeding super painful. Luckily it went away quickly with antibiotics but I redeveloped it again at 5 weeks and I’m still struggling with it now. I’ve been on multiple antibiotics and recently had an abscess drained; such a painful process, probably more painful then childbirth.

Due to all the mastitis and my overproduction of milk, the little one’s sleep schedule is kind of a mess, since I have to wake him up ever 2 hours to feed. He can sleep through 3 to 4 hours at night, but I still get up to pump, to avoid any more clots. Nathaniel is super clingy and in the first few weeks I had him sleeping in a co sleeper that was attached to my bed. However after I developed mastisis and carpool tunnel from constantly lifting him out of the co sleeper, I’ve been letting him sleep in the bed. It just made middle of the night feedings sooo much easier, and when I move him after feedings he’ll wake up and cry.

As for breastfeeding, it’s been quite the journey. At the hospital he latched right away, but he was so hungry all the time and my nipples were not used to the abuse. I saw a lactation consultant in my first week and she recommended I use a nipple shield, which in hindsight I wish I had avoided. I’m pretty sure that’s what caused my mastitis. I think with the next baby, if I need my nipples to heal, I’ll go the pumping route instead. I thought breastfeeding would help with my weight loss a lot more then it did, I still have about 10 more pounds to go.  I was looking forward to being able to work out after my 6-week check up, but have been unable to due to the mastitis. I’ve also given up on swaddling, he hates having his arms constrained and will fight it all night to get them free, which he eventually does. He’s a persistent little one ;) So I’ve just been letting him sleep in regular clothes, he doesn’t seem to roll around a lot, but he does tend to scoot closer to me throughout the night.

I’m really excited to start taking Nathaniel outside, now that he has had his shots. He had them at 6 weeks instead of 8, so I’m giving him an extra week to develop some immunity before I take him outside. He’s becoming more aware of his surroundings and loves staring at art and his surroundings. He isn’t as interested in toys, but loves looking at pictures and paintings. I got my first real smile at 4 weeks and was lucky enough to have caught it on video! I uploaded it on instagram: @lifeandchanel.

I’m definitely taking it one day at a time and would love to hear any tips and suggestions you may have. Especially in regards to sleep training, breastfeeding and how to get some more sleep.

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  1. Awww I got carpool tunnel too in both wrists!!! It's so painful in the mornings I sometimes cry. I'm writing about it in my breastfeeding post...if I can ever finish it!



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