January 20, 2016

5 Month Baby Update

 This is what Nathaniel actually does with the lambs ;) 

I’ve been working on this for days, but every time I sit down to start writing this Nathaniel wants me to pick him up. I think this 5-month period is my favorite so far. Although I’m sure I’ll say that about every month. Nathaniel is now 27 inches and 19lbs. He’s getting super heavy so my arms are constantly tired. I feel like I’m getting an all day arm workout ;) I also finally started working out again. I’m almost back to my pre-baby weight and haven’t worked out at all until now.

Likes: - Standing up, but since he can’t do it on his own, it means I have to be constantly holding him up (quite the arm workout)

- Listening to music, R&B is his favorite; he loves the soundtrack of Empire
- Pulling on hair, weather it’s my hair or our dog’s, he sure does not discriminate
- Babbling, he’s trying so hard to talk, it’s adorable
- Napping in his car seat. He literally falls asleep the minute I put him in. Definitely makes shopping easier
- Sitting at the table and eating with us
-Eating his fingers, he will suck on his, and if he can reach mine he’ll stick those in his mouth also, but still not a fan of the pacifier

- Sitting up and falling over
- Wearing socks or shoes. He always pulls them off or kicks them off.
- Clothing that is too tight; hence I’ve been dressing him in 24-month pj’s, which seems crazy since he’s only 5 months.
- I started solids at 4 months and he still hasn’t been a huge fan. Whenever I feed him he spits most of it out.

I’m still breastfeeding but I’ve stopped pumping. I plan to stop breastfeeding at the 6-month mark, so I’m slowly weaning. I try giving him at least a bottle of formula a day. This one is his favorite so far! 

New Products I’ve been loving
Walker - My little one lovesss this walker. He’s not quite able to walk forward just backwards
Steamer/Blender - I love this baby food maker
Spoons - These spoons are great! They change color if food is too hot.
Play Mat -I use this play mat on the daily. Nathaniel loves all the colors. It keeps him amused for at least 20 minutes at a time
Pj's - I love these they're so easy to take off and put on and I just size up for a better fit. (They also carry them at Costco) I used to get the one's from carter's but found that after 9 months, the arms and legs were wayyy too tight.

Future billionaire with current billionaire ;) 
 Nathaniel loves shopping at Chanel with me, so many colors
 I have serious lash envy, I wish my lashes were this long
 Big chair, small human
 Nathaniel wants to play with Kai so badly, but Kai is still scared of Nathaniel 
My little bear

January 11, 2016

Net-a-porter Sale Picks

I went a little crazy during the Net-a-Porter Sale. I was browsing and found some great outfits and never thought to order Nike's from Net-a-Porter. Definitely some great motivation for working out for the new year. Below are my favorite sale picks.

January 7, 2016

Boyfriend Jeans

Shirt: Equipment Sold Out (Similar here and love this) Poncho: Forever 21 (Similar) Jeans: Current/Elliot (Love these currently on sale under $50 and these under $100 ) Shoes: Christian Louboutin Sunglasses: Tom Ford Purse: Chanel (Similar

I've been obsessed with boyfriend jeans recently. I've been wearing these ones on repeat. They're so perfect because they're casual but so easy to dress up with heels. I also love how comfy they are! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

January 4, 2016

4 Month Baby Update

I feel like the last few months have flown by. I can't believe it's already 2016. I got so behind on posts with the holidays but things are finally more settled now. I can't believe how big Nathaniel has already gotten. He went from being born in the 30th percentile for weight and 50th for height to being in the 80th percentile for both.

- Talking, cooing, babbling and having people respond to him when he "talks"
- Sucking on his fingers
- Bath time, he's always super smily and happy after
- Pulling my hair, I'm seriously going to go bald with the amount of hair he pulls out
- Watching Tv, he will shift until he's facing the TV
- Car rides, he falls right asleep in his carseat, which is nice because I can take him out for dinners and shopping and he'll sleep the whole time
- Attention, lots and lots of attention, he'll smile and coo at anyone that gives him attention

- Laying down, he likes being sat up when he's awake
- Pacifiers, they just make him frustrated because no milk comes out
- Tummy time for extended periods of time
- His crib, he refuses to sleep in there
- Solids, we got the OK from our pediatrician but I've tried a few foods and he usually spits most of it out.
- Wearing shoes, he always kicks them off'

One of the few times I have of picture of him with shoes on, while shoe shopping ;) I wish they made baby Louboutin's, how cute would that be.

It's gotten increasingly difficult to feed him because he's so aware of whats around him, and he wants to look around and isn't focused on eating. He definitely is going through the 4 month sleep regression. He was sleeping through the night perviously but now wakes up every 2 hours to eat. I'm hoping to try to feed him more during the day so he won't get hungry at night. Would love to hear any tips you ladies may have.
I'm so sad that he's outgrown his cocoon. It was one of my most used baby products and I'm sad I haven't found a replacement. If any of you mama's have suggestions, I'd love to hear?

I feel so blessed to have such a happy baby. He rarely cries and only cries when he's hungry or needs to be changed, other then that he's super smile-y
In the last month Nathaniel has gotten increasingly drool-y, as you can see in these pictures. I assume it means he'll start teething soon.

I still can't believe how fast Nathaniel is growing up! He's seriously gotten so big in the last few months. I get so excited when he reaches a new milestone, like sitting and rolling over, but at the same time, I selfishly want him to stay little forever.

I hope everyone had a great new years!

January 3, 2016

Forever 21 Picks

I'm obsessed with lace tops. I've been loving the high waisted maxi dress look with cropped lace tops. I feel like it's so flattering and hides the last of my pregnancy weight. This top is such a steal at under $25! 
On Me: Top: Forever 21 Skirt: Old (Similar here under $30 and love this one) Purse: Hermes Birkin 35 (Similar) Shoes: Christian Louboutin Sunglasses: Tom Ford 

I've been seeing these lace up shoes everywhere but didn't want to invest in the Aquazzura heels and flats because I feel like they're such a trendy shoe. I typically like to invest in more classic timeless pieces. I love this look though and was thrilled when these popped up when I was browsing F21 last week. 

Here are my favoriate picks. I'm also obsessed with F21 distressed boyfriend jeans. They're sooo flattering. 

Happy Monday! 


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