February 29, 2016

6 Month Baby Update

I can’t believe the little one is already half a year old! Baby Nathaniel has started crawling and I already miss the stationary days ;) He’s quite fast and zips around; I can no longer leave him on the bed. The biggest milestone this month would be that he’s finally eating solid meals. Before this it was more just to have a taste of different foods. I’ve also started him on swim lessons, which he loves. I feel like Nathaniel has seriously gotten huge in the past month. He’s now in the 90% percentile for both weight and height. He's now 28 inches long and 20 pounds 10 ounces. He was only in the 30% percentile when he was born.

- Blowing spit bubbles
- Food, I have yet to find something he won’t eat. I’m so happy he’s such a good eater.
- Fascinated by other children, he will stare at them all day.
- Avocado, I give it to him at every meal 
- His feet, he's obsessed with them and is always grabbing them.
- being left in his play pen for too long, and he definitely lets me know
- purees, he’d rather eat soft foods that are in chunks

I’ve pretty much stopped breastfeeding. I’m happy I’ve made it to the 6th month mark. However since I had multiple bouts of mastitis, I’m more prone to it. So I wanted to stop before Nathaniel got teeth. He’s quite aggressive when he eats and I definitely do not want to get bitten.

Products I’ve been loving
Pack and play – OMG this is seriously a life saver especially now that Nathaniel is crawling. It’s also sooo easy to break down, literally you can do it with one hand.
Bibs – I like these better then the cloth ones, they don’t stain and they’re much easier to clean.
Jumper – Nathaniel loves jumping in this, especially in front of a mirror. I’m also still using this walker
High Chair – I purchased this and use it daily, it’s a little pricer then some of the highchairs out there, but I feel like it’s definitely more stable. Nathaniel gets super excited when he eats so I was scared he'd tip the high chair over If my d├ęcor was more modern I would of gotten this one.
Food Blender – I started using this to blend foods that won’t get soft even from steaming such as asparagus
Baby food – I’ve been using these if I’m on the go with Nathaniel and can’t feed him solids. He loves them and will usually eat the whole package. I also got these so I can make my own!

 His first time at day care!
 I love this jumper, it's a great way to keep him entertained and tires him out
 Still refuses to wear shoes. Thank god the weather is getting warmer
 A typical meal for Nathaniel. Chicken, cheese, avocado, eggs and sweet potato
 Love this walker
 This little one is always hungry
 Best pack and play ever
 They're finally getting comfortable with each other
This 18 month onsies my husband got him at the US open last year finally fits 


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