May 21, 2016

9 Month Baby Update

Can you believe Baby Nathaniel is already 9 months old? Time really flies; it seems to have gone by so much faster then my pregnancy, which seriously felt like it lasted a lifetime. It’s crazy that Nathaniel is already 23 pounds, and starting to cruise on furniture. He has figured out how to stand up on his own without support; looks like he’s on his way to walking soon.

I’ve been quite lagging in my blog posts mainly because Nathaniel requires so much attention these days. Now that he’s standing and crawling it really changes the game. I have to watch him constantly so he doesn’t get himself into trouble. He loves getting into stuff, especially anything that’s not one of his toys. Also due to my travel schedule it’s been hard to sit down and get these posts done. I’ve done quite a few flights with Nathaniel now and I’ll do a blog post on traveling with a baby soon.

- Talking to himself in the mirror
- Attempting to roll/crawl off the bed (scares me heck out of me)
- Bathtime, he’s such a water baby
- Raw veggies, this is kind of a weird one. If I give him a stalk of celery or zucchini he’ll be entertained for hours, and will somehow eat the whole thing.
- Food, pretty much everything except bread
- Other kids, he wants to play with everyone
- Kai, who is still a little scared of him, but is finally warming up
- Still loving music. He is usually such a busy body, but if I put on the empire soundtrack he will sit still for 10+minutes
- Crinkly things, chip bags, bottles basically anything that’s not a toy

- His car seat, I think because the weather has been heating up, he gets way to hot. I’ve transitioned out of this infant car seat and into this one.
- If we start eating without him at dinner, he freaks out
- Confined spaces, hates his playpen except for short periods of time
- Eating to close to his bedtime, he’s such a good eater during the morning and throughout the day, but once it hits five, he will pretty much spit out anything I give him
- His own toys. He wants to play with anything that’s not for him

Products I’ve been loving:

Blender – I just find this so much easier to use then baby blenders because there are less parts. I don’t make food especially for Nathaniel; he’ll usually just eat what we’re eating. So if it’s something hard, I’ll just throw a little bit in the blender.
Lotion – I actually have been using this myself for years, and Nathaniel has super dry skin so this has been a lifesaver. I find baby lotion not rich enough and his skin is still dry after
Bottles – After trying a brunch these are hands down my favorite
Toys – He LOVES these and I can put him in a box filled with them and he’ll be entertained, mainly throwing them out of the box
Clips– These are amazing, I’ve been using them for a while and can’t believe I haven’t shared. They’re perfect for throwing your handbag on or bags while shopping

All about the food
Standing Monkey
Eating after a swim
Nathaniel loves these
Nathaniel has a fascination with ceiling and fans 
Play with Kai. Excuse his messy shirt, he ran to Kai midway through his meal 
Baby Party 

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